Rustmasters - Complete Corrosion Control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Rustmasters?

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Rustmasters is a rust-penetrating and moisture repelling non-pigmented product, which penetrates rust and adheres to the sound metal surface beneath. Rustmasters has been developed to extend paint systems duration on both rusty and non rusty steel surfaces.

What is Rustmasters made from?

Rustmasters is made from a blend of resins, active oils, inhibitors, surfactants - (to increase spreading and wetting properties), carefully selected solvents, and siccatives - (to help dry out any trapped moisture).

How does Rustmasters work?

Rustmasters works by impregnation and by penetration of the rust layer through to the substrate, encapsulating rust particles and incorporating them as a pigment in the dry film, then drying to a tough isolating film. Rustmasters is guaranteed not to start any chemical reaction when applied to rusty surfaces. Rustmasters simply penetrates rust and gives anchorage to the pure metal surface, forcing out moisture and sealing the surface against continued rusting.

What is the basic surface preparation?

Before applying Rustmasters to rusted surface, the surface should be as free as possible from loose and flaking paint and rust. Larger structures can be cleaned using high pressure water in preference to costly sand blasting. Slight rust - light wire brush is all that is required. Surface must be free of oils - grease - fats etc.

How is Rustmasters applied?

Rustmasters is applied in light coats, do not attempt to over apply as product will not set, apply wet in wet until the rusted surface dries to a shine, a mat finish shows insufficient product applied. Can be applied by brush - roller - airless spray gun, or conventional spray equipment.

What is the drying time?

Depending on weather conditions. Normally six hours drying - overnight drying preferred before finishing coats are applied. Dries dust free in two hours.

Is a top coat required?

When used internally; eg. Tubing - car doors, and as a maintenance tool on machinery etc., Rustmasters is effectively a single coat system. However, being a non-pigmented protective coating, Rustmasters will suffer ultraviolet degradation if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, therefore a top coat is required. For basic domestic - small applications an oil based paint is all that is required. Rustmasters Alucoat or colour to suit application. Red-grey oxides for light industrial, add 15% Rustmasters. This can then be overcoated with the two pack epoxy or Polyurethane coating to suit the environment.

Can Rustmasters be used on old painted surfaces?

Rustmasters may be used over old painted surfaces, so long as loose flaking paint is removed, once again waterblast or wire brush is all that is required. Chalky surfaces must be washed, body fats must be removed.

Can Rustmasters be used on galvanised iron and aluminium?

Old galvanised iron, waterblast is the easiest and most effective method of cleaning roofing - tanks. etc. Overcoat with Rustmasters Alucoat, excellent heat reflection. Treating faded aluminium window frames, air conditioner condenser coils (alucoat).

What is the temperature capabilities of Rustmasters?

Dry Heat - Continuously 120°C

             - Momentarily 160°C

What coverage could be expected?

Heavy rusted surfaces - 12-15m2 / ltr

Light rusted surfaces - 20-25m2 / ltr

Sound painted surfaces - 30m2 / ltr

What is the advantage of the Rustmasters system?

Rustmasters, when used in accordance with manufactures specifications, should double the life between paint jobs and often greater. Rustmasters is a protective coating, not a cosmetic coating. It tolerates salts and most lighter acids, remains flexible and resists corrosion in the harshest conditions.

What other uses does Rustmasters have?

Rustmasters when used as an additive (thinner), 15% approx, to oil based paints, will transfer many of its unique properties to the paint. It will increase flow, reduce pin holes, increase the dry film thickness and by this increase the protection durability and strength of the coating, which will dry to a tough isolating film.

Where is Rustmasters used?

Rustmasters rejuvenation and protection system is successfully used on the following...

  1. Commercial: factories, roofs, tanks, freezers, containers, gas storage units etc.
  2. Structures: Bridges, pipelines, stairwells, steel reinforcing, switchboards
  3. Concrete: Concrete spalling (cancer) sealing damp concrete, masonry
  4. Timber: Decks, floors, furniture, heat resistant
  5. Chipboard: Wet areas
  6. Motor vehicles: Cars, 4 wheel drives, trucks
  7. Agriculture: Machinery and implements (restore faded paint systems) silos internal, external, spreaders bins, roofs etc.
  8. UV Coating: Available for restoring faded paint systems close to coast, silos, tanks, roller doors
  9. Air conditioning: Commercial and domestic entire units, condenser coils (Alucoat)
  10. Domestic: Refrigerators, bicycles, fences, guttering, clotheslines etc.
  11. Tourism: Aluminium window surrounds, pool setting, gym equipment, playgrounds
  12. Marine: Boats, trailers, outboard & inboard, metal fitting, timber work (wet areas), window surrounds

What are the main attributes of Rustmasters?

Rustmasters is a clear drying environmentally friendly organic product and is comparatively safe to use.

Rustmasters has excellent penetrating ability, gives excellent adhesion to oil free surfaces, remains flexible when dry, and has no odour once drying is achieved. Does not give off toxic fumes when welded. When dry is virtually self extinguishing when the source of flame is removed.

Rustmasters when applied to rusted surfaces must be applied wet-in-wet until a shine is achieved on drying. If a mat finish appears recoat as above. The product is clear and dries to a hard clear finish.

Rustmasters tolerates a wide range of temperatures, it freezes at -70°C. Normal temperature range is -40°C to 140°C short-term 160°C. Can be baked (for powder coating purposes) to 205°C. Coverage varies on surface texture. Heavy rust up to 15m2 / ltr New steel / painted surfaces up to 25m2 / ltr.

Rustmasters is non–conductive, tested in excess of 75,000 volts. Has anti–static properties and is easily cleaned.

Rustmasters conducts heat readily when used on motor vehicle radiators, refrigeration coils etc.

Rustmasters is very versatile, can be used on steel – aluminium – stainless. Stainless ropes on verandas.

Rustmasters can be mixed with any oil based paint, imparting many of its qualities including better film strength, reduced porosity and better longer lasting gloss. When used on faded paintwork it appears to reverse the oxidisation process, rejuvenating the colours of the paint. Can be made UV stable for this use.